About the shop

Hi, thank you for visiting my shop!

My name is Marloes and I’m a full time (visual) artist. I mostly work as an author, illustrator, inventor of creative concepts and landscape painter.
Because I love coming up with products and ideas I work on that when I’m not working for clients. When I’ve got the products ready, I sell them in this shop.

Limited opening times
Because of my full-time job my shop is open a few times a year. About 3-4 times.
That way I can dedicate part of my work schedule to the shop, meaning: creating new products, handling stuff at the printers and suppliers, product photography, copywriting for the products, promoting it on social media, handling orders, driving to the post office, shipping orders, customer service (sometimes my partner helps with this), and more. It’s pretty much a full on business 🙂

I don’t have employees that handle stuff for me. If you buy something in my shop I’m the person wrapping your order and bringing it to the post office.
Therefore I can’t offer the services bigger companies can offer, like next-day shipping, personal requests (I don’t think big companies do this either but I get asked for this a lot), special gift wrapping, etc.
I do everything with a lot of care and love, and that’s why I open my shop only a few times a year. I rather do something well than rushed.

If you have any further question, please check the FAQ-page. You will find pretty much every answer there!

Where else to find me

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Photo by Angélica Vis