Orders ship every Saturday morning.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ordering from Asia or South-America?

In my experience many parcels get lost in Asia and South-America. I therefore warn you beforehand: ordering is at your own risk when you’re located in those areas. Lost packages in either Asia or South-America will not be refunded.


Why haven't I received an order confirmation?

Please check the spam-folder of your email inbox. Some email services don’t like our emails so it ends up there. How rude! 😉
Another possibility is that you used one of your other email addresses for the order. If you can’t find it, please contact us and we will re-send you the order confirmation, no problem.

Will an invoice on paper be send with the order?

No, this is all sent through email. You can safely order gifts this way too. You will receive the invoice upon ordering in my shop per email.

Can I get the order shipped to someone as a gift?

Absolutely! If you’re ordering something for someone and want to have it delivered to their address, please fill out their address at checkout. Your order will be shipped to the address you fill out in ‘billing & shipping’. Please be aware of this when ordering.

Can you wrap the order as a gift?

All orders standardly come in a beautiful paper gift bag.

Can I get a product customized?

I don’t offer custom sizes or personalisation of the products due to time restraints.

Some different sizes might be available in my INPRNT-shop (print on demand service in the USA), so feel free to have a look if there’s anything to your liking!

Can I get my product signed?

– Zines, travel journals, cards and other products are not signed due to time restraints.
– Prints are signed by the artist.
– When books are available for signing you can find it on the product page.

What do I do when the product I want isn't available anymore?

There’s nothing we can do about it, sorry. As we’re a small business, everything is printed in small numbers and batches. Once a product is sold out, it’s unlikely it will come back. Most of the art prints in the shop are limited editions, which means they are numbered and will only be printed to a certain number.

How can I buy a painting?

When I have a few paintings available, they will be for sale in the shop.
Subscribers to my newsletter get first access to new paintings, so do join if you’re interested.
All paintings can be paid for in my shop unless noted otherwise.
I recommend picking up bigger paintings from my studio to avoid damages that might occur in the shipping process. Bigger paintings can be shipped but the price of this has to be arranged as it requires special casing and a more expensive transport service.

How do I order a product when the shop is closed?

You will have to wait until the shop re-opens. Receive an update by subscribing to the newsletter. The shop isn’t open all the time as I’m just one person running a business.

When is your shop re-opening?

When I have new products for you 🙂 If you want to stay in the loop, sign up to my newsletter so you don’t miss the next opening!

Shipping and delivery

How much does shipping cost?

All shipping costs include postage, packaging and processing of the order.

Netherlands (shipped with PostNL or DHL incl. track and trace):
Travel journals/card sets/calendar: €4,50
Heavier items: from €7,50

Rest of the world (PostNL and DHL):
Travel journals/card sets: €5
Heavier items: from €8

Shipping costs are based on the total weight of the parcel, not the size.
Shipping costs for paintings and original artwork are higher.

When will my order be posted?

Saturday unless noted otherwise in the shipping information on the page itself.

Your order has to be placed before Saturday 8 AM CE(S)T to be shipped the same Saturday. Orders placed after 8 AM will be shipped the next Saturday.

When will my order arrive (shipping times)?

There’s no way to be sure* but after I’ve posted the package the timings usually are:

Netherlands: 2 – 5 business days
Omdat bestellingen op zaterdag worden verstuurd, komt het niet eerder aan dan de dinsdag erna, omdat PostNL en DHL niet op zon- en maandagen bezorgen.

Europe: 5 – 14 days
United States and Canada: 10 – 30 days
Australia: 10 – 30 days
Rest of the world: 1 – 8 weeks

Before contacing us, please allow your order to arrive within:
– 2 weeks within the Netherlands;
– 4 weeks within the EU;
– 12 weeks outside the EU.

The customs service in your country might take a longer period of time to send the package to your place. This is the reason some delivery times may vary. It all boils down to the country you live in.

Please note that during (bank) holidays packages take longer to arrive.

* No rights can be derived from these timings as it depends on all the mail services involved.

Why hasn't my order arrived yet?

Please check the shipping times above. It may take a while for your order to arrive. Please allow up to 4 weeks within the EU and 12 weeks outside the EU for your order to arrive. In most cases it will turn up.
If these weeks have passed and you still haven’t received your order, get in contact with us! Before that time we can’t do anything.

Pleae note: During (bank) holidays delivery may take a bit longer.

Can I pick up my order from your home?

When an order is available for pick up from my studio, you will see this in the checkout as a shipping method. Please note that this is only available (and recommended) for larger art prints and paintings. Due to time restraints and privacy reasons it’s not possible to open my house/studio for each order.
When you’ve chosen pick-up, we will email you within 3 business days to offer dates and times for you to pick up your order.

Can I get my order delivered on a specific date?

We ship out all orders on Saturdays. The mail services are handling the delivery of the packages and we can therefore not guarantee delivery on specific dates.

What are the sizes of the envelopes/parcels?

Your order will be send in the envelope that fits the largest product you’ve ordered.

Travel journals: 20 x 15,2 cm
Cards: 20 x 15,2 cm
Prints up to 14,8 x 21 cm (A5): 28,5 x 20 cm
Prints up to 21 x 29,7 cm (A4): 35 x 25 cm
Lotta-comics: 35 x 25 cm

What if my mailbox is smaller than the product I want to order?

Please check before ordering if your mailbox slot is big enough.
For proper delivery (especially for prints larger than 15 x 21cm) your mailbox slot should be 26,5 cm long x 3,2 cm high (and 38 cm deep in case of a collection tray). These are mandatory sizes in the Netherlands.

Smaller mailbox slot? No problem, pick ‘parcel post’ please in the checkout.
We cannot compensate for damages caused by a mailbox that’s too small, that’s why we offer parcel post.

What to do when my order has arrived damaged?

So sorry that has happened! If the order arrives damaged due to mishandling by your postal services, please get in touch with your national or local postal service to file a complaint. In the Netherlands that’s either PostNL or DHL, find more info here.
Please get in touch with us so we can maybe sort it out. We want you to be happy 🙂

If you choose delivery through your mailbox, but your mailbox slot is too small (see above), there’s not much we can do unfortunately, as it’s the receivers responsibility to pick ‘parcel post’ in checkout if the mailbox is too small for the order.

Do I need to pay import costs?

If you’re outside the EU it’s possible that your government charges import costs and taxes on your order. Import costs are not included in the order total and are paid for by the receiver of the order.

The amount depends on which country you live in, please check on the website of your government.

I filled out the wrong address.

If your order is not shipped out yet, send reply to me ASAP with the correct address.
If your order is already shipped, there’s nothing to do about it. If you can, check the address you filled out and see if those people have received it.
Please check and double-check if you’ve entered the right address at checkout. I can’t take responsibility for this.

Why has my envelope been opened and sealed again?

Occasionally border patrol will open packages and envelopes to check the contents. This happens mostly at the US, Canada, South-America, Australia and New Zealand border. Please contact border control in your country to ask for more information.

Why is shipment to my country not possible?

There are a few countries to which shipping is not possible (including some countries in Asia) due to packages getting lost most of the time.

Can you ship my order with a tracking code?

Yes, please check the parcel option in checkout.


What payment methods do you accept?

– iDeal
– Paypal
– Credit card
– Bancontact
– Belfius Direct Net
– Sofort

Why is there a 'gateway fee' for Paypal and creditcards?

There’s an extra 3,5% fee for Paypal and 5% fee for creditcards.
These are the fees that these services charge for using their payment methods, and it goes directly to them.

I have trouble getting my payment through.

Sometimes the payment system has hiccups when it’s used with some browsers. Why? I can’t figure out exactly, but it’s resolved when you use a different device (PC/tablet/phone) or browser. Please try another device or browser and I hope this solves it. If not, feel free to get in touch.

How do I enter my discount code?

You can use your discount code at checkout, at ‘Coupon code’ and then click ‘Apply coupon’.

I forgot to enter my discount code and already paid.

Discount codes need to be filled out during the payment process as they can not be entered after the final step. There are no refunds possible afterwards so please make sure you fill out the code in the ordering process.

Can I place an order as a business with 0% VAT/taxes?

That’s possible for businesses within the EU (Dutch-based companies excluded). Please contact us so we can arrange a custom order for you with the correct VAT rates. Do NOT buy the product in this shop, as all payments in the shop will include regular VAT.

If you own a Dutch company: regular VAT applies as you can deduct this from your tax payments.

I already bought a product in the shop (VAT included) but rather have an invoice without VAT.

If you own a business in the EU (outside the Netherlands), we can provide you an invoice with 0% VAT if you contact us before making a purchase (see above).

If you already bought a product but now want an invoice with VAT reversed, we can refund you the money and write an invoice for you, and you pay the invoice by banktransfer.
We deduct the costs of refunding the money, as it costs us money to receive and refund money. This is about 15% of the cost of the product.

If we already sent you the physical product, we don’t refund for a new invoice.

Can I get an invoice of my order?

Standard invoices are included in your order confirmation email.
If you want a custom written invoice, please contact us with the details you want on the invoice. Please allow 10 business days for this.

Other questions

Where are your products produced?

Currently all of our products are made and printed in the Netherlands. We almost solely work with companies that are mindful about climate change. For example, the print shop we work with plants trees for the paper they use.

What paper is used for your cards and prints?

On each product-page I mention what kind of paper is used.
Risoprints are printed with plantbased inks. Fine art prints are carefully printed with love on a giclee printer with ultra-chrome inks on high quality paper. All other prints and cards are printed in the Netherlands and all paper has a FSC certificate. Many items are printed on 100% recycled paper.
Please note that the actual product might look different in real life from the screen as every screen has different settings.

Can I order a personal commission?

Due to time restraints I don’t take on personal commissions like birth announcements, wedding invitations, personal portraits, etc.

When will you have new paintings/prints/other products for sale?

As my partner Bram always says: “it’s ready when it’s ready” 🙂 I don’t work with strict schedules for my personal work, to keep the process enjoyable for myself and it also results in better work. With artwork I don’t work well when I’m put under pressure.
If you want to receive updates on the process and know first when new work is available, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter.

What do you use to ship my order?

Your order is packaged in a paper bag and a cardboard or paper envelope.
Limited edition prints are wrapped in plastic to protect from damaging during shipping. If you don’t want plastic, you can let me know in the notes-section at checkout.

I’ve used cornstarch bags in the past but recently it came to light that those are as harmful for the environment as regular plastic bags. As plastic bags are re-usable, I’ve opted for these and I encourage you to re-purpose the bag.

When I buy a product, can I reproduce it?

No, absolutely not. With the purchase of a product you are not buying the copyrights to it. This, I want to especially make clear with original artwork that I occassionally offer. t’s not allowed to copy the product you bought, or use it for commercial purposes (like a logo, flyers, website, etc.). If you do want to use it for commercial purposes please get in contact with me. Copyright remains in all instances with Marloes De Vries.

How do I frame the art print I bought?

We have created guides to help you pick the right frame for art prints. Find them here.
Due to time restraints we don’t offer personalised advice for framing art or prints. If you’re in need of an expert to help and advise you, we recommend Goedman Lijstenmakerij in Den Haag, but many other specialised art framers do excellent work as well.


I have changed my mind. Can I return my order?

We accept returns due to change of mind as long as a request to return is received by me within 10 business days of receipt of item, and are returned to me in original packaging, unused and in resellable condition.

Return shipping will be paid at the customers expense and will be required to arrange their own shipping. The refund paid is the value of the product. Costs paid by us for shipping are not included.

I ordered the wrong item.

If you want to return it, please check the information at ‘I have changed my mind. Can I return my order?’.

We’d love to encourage you to gift the item to someone else maybe, to lower waste and shipping emissions.

I received the wrong item.

If you’ve received a product you didn’t order and it’s missing the product you did order, please contact us within 10 business days. Please email us a photo of your order as you received it and your order number. We will send you the right item on our costs of course.

My order has arrived damaged.

So sorry that has happened! If the order arrives damaged due to mishandling by your postal services, please get in touch with your national or local postal service to file a complaint. In the Netherlands that’s either PostNL or DHL, find more info here.
Please get in touch with us so we can maybe sort it out. We want you to be happy 🙂

If you choose delivery through your mailbox, but your mailbox slot is too small (see Shipping and delivery), there’s not much we can do unfortunately, as it’s the receivers responsibility to pick ‘parcel post’ in checkout if the mailbox is too small for the order.

Can I get a refund on digital products?

If you’ve ordered a digital product like an online class or downloadable PDF, refunds are not possible.

Can I get a refund on a donation/coffee I bought for you?

Refunds on donations are accepted. Admin costs (€7,50 per transfer) and fees for transferring the money will be deducted from your donation.
If your donation was less than €7,50 we unfortunately can not refund you.

Contact and about the shop

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions, please email at shop@marloesdevries.com with your order number and full name, simply hit ‘reply’ on the email with your order confirmation or contact us through the contact page.

Why haven't you responded to my DM?

I get a lot of DM’s during the day and they easily slip through the cracks. DM’s will therefore not be processed. Please email us with any question you have 🙂

Who is running this shop?

It’s me, Marloes! I’m a one-person-business singly creating, handling and shipping all orders. My day job is creating illustrations and writing books and in my spare time I create products for you to buy. Read more here.

Do you have employees?

My partner Bram helps with emails and website-related issues so he might be the one answering your email. But the rest is all Marloes, wrapping your order and posting it.

Because it’s basically a one-person-business, we can’t compete with webshops that have employees or warehouses. We’re not able to offer free shipping or next-day-delivery for that reason.