Orders ship every Saturday morning.


If you want to treat me you can do so here, but non-financial support is appreciated as much! I’d love it if you’d tell your friends about me and my work ❤️

What the donations are used for:
Buying a coffee from one of my favourite coffee places in Rotterdam is an absolute treat for me!
But I will also use the donations to save up money so I can buy myself more time for my personal projects, like my newsletter, paintings, t-shirt designs and zines. Buying myself some time is the greatest gift. Making a donation helps me to build my creative practice so I can hopefully create more meaningful work for people to enjoy it.

Voor Nederlanders: doneren via Tikkie
Doneren via Tikkie kan ook! Klik hier en kies zelf het bedrag.

For Americans
You can buy in $ and with creditcard here.