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Online class | newsletters for artists and creatives (EN)


  • 23 february 2023, 19.30 (7.30 PM) CET → please check your local time
  • Recording available if you cannot attent live
  • Class in English

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Newsletters are back and very popular. But how do you start a newsletter? How do you get people to subscribe to your newsletter? And what should you write about?
I’ve been creating newsletters since 2010 and have been sending out my ‘Letter from Marloes’ every month since the summer of 2020. Since then, my list grew from 1,800 to over 7,500 subscribers.
In this online class, I share how I approached this and take you through it so you can get started with your own newsletter right away.

Why send a newsletter:
  • No algorithms hiding your work: every newsletter reaches your audience (subscribers)
  • Newsletters offer the space to talk in depth about your work and your motivation: this way, people really get to know you and are more loyal
  • Stable and reliable way of keeping in touch with people
You will learn:
  • How to grow your email list
  • How to define your audience/target group
  • Legal rules: who you can put on your email list
  • Do’s and don’ts for newsletters
  • Which elements are necessary for a good newsletter
  • How to show your work and yourself in a way that fits you
  • How to create a newsletter people are excited about to receive
  • How to put your stamp on your newsletter with the design
  • Tips for copywriting when making art is your primary language
  • Offer your work in a way without feeling like screaming into a void
  • How often and when to send a newsletter

Bonus: worksheet to discover your audience and to define a grid for your newsletter

For who:

Suitable for creative minds, whether you are an illustrator, artist, photographer or designer, and are looking for a way to share your work with your audience. Other creatives are also welcome, if you don’t mind I refer occasionally to making art or illustrations.
Please note that paying for one ticket does not allow multiple people to participate in the class. Participation must be paid per person.

Not suited for:

If you are looking for technical help to create a newsletter, this class is not suitable. This class is mainly about the content of a newsletter.

When and how:
  • Online class via Zoom
  • This class will be recorded for those who cannot attend live
  • Thursday 23 February 2023, 19.30/7.30 PM CET. Please check what time this is in your location (6.30 PM in the UK for example)
  • Length: about 2 hours (depending on the amount of questions)
  • English spoken
  • There’s time for questions and answers during the live class
  • My workshop terms and conditions are valid on the (online) workshops and classes. Please read them before signing up.
Who is the lecturer?

That’s me, Marloes De Vries. I started freelancing 22 years ago, as a 14-year-old (very young, I know). After working as an art director and designer at marketing and advertising agencies, I started freelancing full-time as a graphic designer and illustrator almost 14 years ago. For 15 years, I have been a freelance teacher at art institutions, and more recently at AKI Artez and the BNO.

Self-employed and based in a EU-country?

Are you self-employed, based in the EU (other than the Netherlands) and do you have a valid VAT-number for your business? Do not pay for the class in the shop but please email us with the following:
– Your business VAT-number
– Address of your business (including country)
– Name of your business (how you registered it)
– Which day you’d like to participate: February 21 (Dutch class) or February 23 (English)

We will send you an invoice with the VAT shifted (0%) and you can pay manually through bank transfer.