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Download | nativity set (printable)

Download | nativity set (printable)

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This is a downloadable PDF which will arrive in your email straight away - you won't receive an actual product in the mail.

Get crafty and create your own Christmas crib, or get crafty with your kids!

You’ll receive two A4 pages per download, which you can print on your home printer. After that, cut out the figures and glue them in the areas where it says ‘glue here’.
There are two versions available: pre-colored and a black and white (coloring) version. You can select which one you want below.
How to download and more information can be found below.

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Extra info

How to download:

  1. Add the product to your basket.
  2. Pay for the file at checkout. Make sure you filled out the right email address.
  3. You will be forwarded to the order confirmation page where you will find the link under 'Download'. You can download it from here straight away.
  4. You will also receive an email including the link to the file, below 'Download'.

You can download the file up to 3 times in total, and within 30 days of buying it. Want to download it more often or longer? Please buy the set again.


"I haven’t received an email."
Please check your spam-inbox, as it might have ended up there. The email has been sent to the address you filled out in check-out.
It might be possible you filled out the wrong email address. It is always send to the email you fill out.

"I have downloaded the file but don't know where it's gone to."
It’s on your computer, please search for ‘marloesdevries’ and you’ll find it. It’s a PDF-file.

"I get a notification I have exceeded the download limit."
You can download the file up to 3 (three) times. After that the link is invalid. If you clicked the link, it will have most likely been downloaded to your hard-drive. Search for 'marloesdevries' on your computer and you will find it. The download limit is set to 3 times to prevent misuse and email forwarding to spread the craft set. If you want to download it more often, we ask you to buy the set again.

"I don't know how to download files from the internet."
We did our best to make downloading as easy as we could: please follow to steps above 'How to download'. If you find it difficult, please ask someone that is handy with downloading things to help you, because we can't offer individual technical help.

"I've followed all the steps above, but still get an error."
If there are technical problems on our side, please contact us with your order number and the issue.

Other questions? Please check the FAQ!

Rules when downloading

By buying and downloading the nativity set, you agree to the following rules:

Personal use only
This set can only be used for personal use only. This means you can print it and use, but not get it printed in large numbers to give to others.
It is also not allowed to upload the digital file on your website or anywhere else, nor can you email it to other people.
It is allowed to print the file to use in the classroom (for children under the age of 18) with a maximum of 30 copies.

Large number of copies
If you want to make over 30 copies of the set or want to distribute in another form, please get in touch with me. Please let me know what you would like to use it for, how many copies, if you’re going to ask money for it, and the location of distribution.

If you want to publish the set in a magazine, book or anything like it, please get my written permission first, as it’s not allowed to use my work without permission. This work has been copyrighted under Dutch law.
For publications in printed media I ask a small fee, so please contact me before using it.

If you want to blog about my nativity set, you’re free to do that. Please do not upload the PDF-files onto your own server but link back to my website ( Please give proper credit and do not edit the images or files.

Distributions or sales
Once you bought a PDF this does not mean you own copyright or any other rights to the files. You can not sell the PDF’s, upload or distribute them without my written permission.

Copyright of these designs by Marloes De Vries.
It’s not allowed to claim these designs as your own, nor are you allowed to sell or publish the designs without permission.